Mezcal's Story



Born and raised in Mexico City, chef and owner Roberto grew up learning from the best -- his mom. Mexican cuisine has always been in Roberto's mind and heart. Living in Jersey City, he worked in various restaurants where he picked up Italian, American, Asian, and French cuisine experience. He is able to bring forth great dishes with that Mexican flavor while using all the techniques he picked up over the years.



After many years of experience under his belt, Roberto opened the first location in Bayonne, NJ. Two years later a new location in Jersey City was opened.


Roberto's vision is to bring all the Mexican flavors to you, always fresh, never from a can.

Jersey City Team

Our Jersey City team holds it down with theme events, join us for Fiesta Fridays! Of course our kitchen team is amazing in getting the food out with allll the flavors.


Our first home, the Bayonne Kitchen team and server team have been with us for 2 years. While we continue to work on new menu items and drinks, you can be sure to see them cooking in the back.  

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482 Broadway Bayonne, NJ 07002